Top Linkedin Profile Tips for Job Seekers in the Non-Profit Sector

LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social networking platform for non-profit professionals. It is a social media platform like no other, and it allows professionals to establish a professional network of peers and contacts, along with opportunities for career advancement. Recruiters frequently utilize LinkedIn to reach out to potential candidates with job offers. Here are a few quick tips on the best ways to maximize your presence on LinkedIn:

  • Use a professional profile picture

I can’t stress this enough. A professional, current picture is really important, particularly if you are networking in person and you need to follow up with connections on LinkedIn. Use a photo that shows mainly your face and avoid cropping or repurposing photos from weddings or other formal occasions. If you want to personalize your profile, you can add a background image which could express a project or organization you are involved with. 

  • Maximize your headline 

Depending on what you are hoping to do on LinkedIn, it is important to maximize your headline and convey information that can help others identify your expertise. A basic headline is usually a job title, and you can always use key words or phrases that describe you best.

  • Skills, awards and accomplishments

This area of your profile is a hidden gem and really important if you are on the market for a new job. Recruiters look at this area to identify suitable candidates. Moreover, LinkedIn algorithms usually use this information to bring content to your attention as well. Be sure to ask for endorsements from your networks.

  • Authenticity and credibility

Did you know that LinkedIn also has a function to turn your profile into a resume? This can be helpful when applying for roles through their portal and more importantly hiring managers can cross reference your LinkedIn profile with your resume to ensure it’s current. So be sure that the information on your profile is accurate and verifiable.

  • Go beyond the profile

Just like any other social network, the power of it is closely related to your engagement on it. A common mistake professionals make is to become active only during a period of active job search. Be sure to engage with content and actively grow and stay in touch with your network. Additionally, remember that LinkedIn is meant to reflect your professional life, so the content you generate on it will be different than the content you might share on other networks such as Facebook or Instagram. 

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