We specialize in helping organization find talented candidates for roles such as:

Senior Leadership Roles​

Vice-President and Associate Vice-President
Executive Director

Frontline Fundraisers

Director of Development
Senior Development Officer
Development Officer
Associate Director of Development
Senior Director of Development
Planned Giving Officer
Director of Planned Giving

Advancement Services Roles​

Prospect Researcher
Director of Operations and Administration
Stewardships and Donor Relations Officers

Alumni Relations and Community Engagement Roles​

Alumni and Advancement Officers
Director, Community Engagement
Events Officer
Director, Alumni Engagement

Charity Professional Search

Every organization deserves a talented team. There is tremendous competition and talent shortages, even for more junior roles. The Charity Professional Search includes a comprehensive set of activities designed to provide you with a better, more competitive pool of candidates. Our most affordable service allows organizations of all sizes to take advantage of a proactive recruitment approach for any role in the organization. Our flat-fee pricing model is designed to fit any budget and allows us to focus on finding a competitive pool of qualified candidates without duplicating administrative functions existent in your organization.

Charity Leader Search

The Charity Leader Search provides enhanced services to support you through the recruitment process. This service is best suited for more senior roles or replacement of recently vacant roles. It combines our extensive outreach methods with thorough follow up support to assist you throughout the hiring process. If you don’t anticipate many changes to the job description and have a good idea of the profile of candidates you would like to attract, our Charity Leader Search process will focus on the activities most likely to attract qualified candidates while supporting you through the interview and negotiation stages.

Charity Executive Search​

Finding the right leader for your organization is a big job, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our Charity Executive Search service provides a comprehensive set of services to attract a competitive pool of talented executive leaders. We take the time to get to know your needs and your organization culture and provide a report identifying the skills and qualities of an ideal candidate. We support you through the entire process with customized interview materials, offer negotiations and onboarding plans.

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