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We Are Leaders In Nonprofit Recruiting 

Providing fundraising talent, development staff, and executive search services you can count on.

Focus on your nonprofit organization’s mission. 

Let us focus on finding you qualified candidates for hire. 

As a nonprofit recruitment firm, Charity Search Group helps organizations in the charitable sector overcome the shortage of trained, knowledgeable employees including fundraising talent, development staff, and executives. 

Here to help you take the time, cost, and complexity out of filling vital company roles, we’re fundraisers ourselves with decades of industry experience. That means we have a keen understanding of what top candidates look like and where to find them. 

On top of that, Charity Search Group is dedicated to getting to know your unique needs, vision, and culture which will ultimately lead to you hiring great candidates the first time. 

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Breaking Free From Traditional Executive and Talent Recruitment Services

What sets us apart is how we work!  

Industry First Knowledge 

Not your average recruiting firm, our unique approach is the culmination of our founder’s experiences -- raising more than $20 million USD plus a background in psychology, business, and marketing -- as well as our COO’s experiences in Information Systems. We pride ourselves on knowing the nonprofit industry along with recruiting.

Affordable, Customizable Packages

Nonprofits are not cookie cutter businesses. What you are looking for may not be what others are looking for. So, to help you maximize outcomes, we offer packages. Choose the best fit for your organization without duplicating resources.

Relentless, Proactive Outreach

Our method involves first getting to know your organization’s needs, then proactively reaching out to qualified candidates through wide promotions. This may include social media, contacting network lists, job boards, and so much more. Essentially, we will not stop until we find a good number of people that may be perfect for your nonprofit.

Thorough Candidate Screening

After finding candidates, we screen them and create profiles. This allows us to understand that talent pool and eliminate anyone who may not fit. After that, you are provided with a short list of qualified people and we will support you through the entire interviewing as well as negotiation process. If a person is hired we will even do 6-month check-ins. 

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For a limited time, if you are a nonprofit looking to support and address poverty, social justice, or women’s issues, we want to offer you exclusive promotions. Reach out to learn more!

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