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Nonprofit talent recruitment: 2023 predictions

2022 saw many organisations growing or recovering staffing levels to pre-pandemic numbers, will the trend continue in 2023? 

Here are our 2023 predictions for non-profit talent recruitment:

Prediction 1: Employers will have a hard time finding top talent as the economy continues to slow down. Job hoppers will be more likely to stick with their current position, while talented workers will be less willing to leave their current role because they’re worried about the economic climate.

Prediction 2: Someone will blink when it comes to salary demands. The stand off between job seeker’s demands and organisational constraints will come to an end. Much of the salary inflation in 2022 has been due to staff shortages and a job seekers market. Many organisations are reevaluating pay scales or seeing 30%-40% turnover which will bring about entirely new teams with updated salaries. 

Prediction 3: Hiring will be challenging, just like it has always been. While 2022 saw a lot of hiring urgency, the talent market for experienced nonprofit professionals has always been  competitive. Roles such as Development Directors, Executive Directors and new growth areas do not have the talent pipeline to support the demand long-term. 

Prediction 4: Early/mid-career candidates will be in high demand. The layoffs and hiring freezes in 2020 will have a long-term impact on the talent pipeline. Many organisations didn’t hire interns, new grads or entry-level roles in 2020, limiting the pool of candidates with 2-3 years of experience significantly. Three years later, we’ll feel the pinch from not hiring development coordinators and events interns who would be future development officers and events managers, for example. 

Prediction 5: The onsite vs remote vs work from home vs hybrid debate will begin to settle. It could still go either way, but just like salaries, the current turnover is creating new teams under new hiring terms and most organisations will settle on a final model which works best for them. 

While many organizations were growing or recovering staffing levels to pre-pandemic numbers in 2022, our predictions show that 2023 will bring changes to nonprofit talent recruitment. It will be interesting to see how this may effect the nonprofit job market over the next year.

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