Why choose Charity Search Group as your search and talent partner?

We are exclusively dedicated to the non-profit sector and have spent decades as fundraisers for top charities. We are not only passionate about non-profit leadership, we are also incredibly knowledgeable about current trends in the sector. Our proactive recruitment approach is like no other – all the candidates in our network are carefully prescreened. We check references before we even present them. We are not only thorough, we are also relentless in our efforts to find you the best pool of candidates, as long as it takes!

What clients are saying


Nicole Ngoya Head of School, Emerson Academy

Mariya is easily one of the most talented and ambitious fundraisers I have ever met. She is strategic and personable. Her approach is laser-focused and organized.

Mikhael Bornstein Director of Philanthropy

Mariya’s vast experience as a hiring manager comes through in her insightful assessment of leadership qualities and fundraising savviness. She approaches each search with integrity and open communication with all parties.

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