6 Successful Online Digital Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits & Individuals

6 Ways To Have a Successful Digital Fundraiser

Digital fundraising has been on the rise for several years, as we all become more connected through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With the global pandemic putting a halt to in-person fundraising initiatives and events like marathons and parties, the focus has shifted solely onto digital fundraising platforms.

Whether you’re raising money for your charity or a family project, you can engage your online community of friends and followers to support your cause. I’m sharing 6 tips on how you can be successful at digital fundraising.

Dedicated Email Fundraiser

If you have an existing mailing list, you can utilize your followers by sending them a targeted fundraising email. For the most impact, you can set up a one-day fundraiser, promoting it ahead of time through other emails. Having donations as the focal point of every email could cause a decrease in engagement, which is where a one-day campaign comes in.

Choosing a specific date to target can help boost your ROI and email engagement. You’ll want to come up with a creative name for your campaign and set a goal that you want to raise. When the day comes, you can send updates throughout the day on how close you are to your target.

Host a Fun Contest

Anytime you open social media, you can guarantee someone you know is promoting a donation page. Most of us are guilty of scrolling past generic donation links, often forgetting about them. It’s the lack of initiative to get us to click on the link that results in most of us forget to revisit them. You want to make your digital fundraising page as unique as possible, giving something back to potential donors.

Easy Photo Contest offers a free and easy way for you to carry out digital fundraising with a twist. The donor-centered engagement platform comes with no upfront charges. It gives you a fun way to attract donations through a customized contest page, which you can promote throughout your online community. You could ask friends and family members to submit photos of their furry friends and hold a ‘Vote for the Cutest Pet’ competition.

Find a Donation Partner

People are more likely to donate to your fundraiser if they know their donation is being matched by a third party. Research has shown these programs are one of the main reasons why millennials donate to online fundraisers more than in-person fundraising. If your campaign is starting to lose momentum, bringing in a third-party donation matching partner can help bring excitement back to your campaign and boost donations.

The majority of corporate organizations have a fundraising target, and it’s always good PR for them to work in partnership with local charities and community projects. You can reach out to these organizations and ask them to commit to a maximum donation price. The company will know the amount they’ll be expected to donate instead of handing over a blank check.

Hold a Virtual Event

Hiring a venue for a gala or Q&A event can be expensive, taking up a chunk of your donations. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that virtual events can be just as successful as in-person ones. Take advantage of the current situation and organize a virtual event. Holding your event via Zoom or Microsoft Teams makes it easier to book exciting guests that you wouldn’t usually have access to. You can even have a guest from halfway around the world join your event from the comfort of their own home.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and even host a gala fundraiser through these virtual platforms. You’ll want to make sure you’re offering something that encourages people to join your event, whether it’s the chance to hear from a celebrity or keynote speaker. You can even host an online auction during your virtual event while encouraging guests to donate throughout the proceedings.

Launch a Personal Fundraising Page

Not everyone who is using digital fundraising is a charity or organization. Private individuals mostly use this method of fundraising, with donations coming from their peers online. Platforms like Easy Photo Contest have provided everyday individuals with the ability to raise funds for their families or third-party organizations. When you have your donation page up and running, you can promote it through your personal social media channels while asking your friends and family to share the link within their own network. 17% of donations to crowdfunding pages are made using mobile devices, primarily to these personal peer-to-peer campaigns.

Whatever kind of digital fundraising campaign you’re organizing, you want to make sure you’re utilizing the power of social media to take advantage of your online presence.

Host a Live Stream Event

If you want to have a little more control over your online event, a live stream is a perfect choice. While video platforms like Zoom have their benefits, they also come with major limitations. You can only host a limited number of guests on your video call – and we’ve all seen first-hand the dangers of people not knowing how to use the ‘mute’ button. With a live stream, you can host your event on one platform and share it across your other social media pages.

When you host a live stream, you can have guests join you and host the event over the day with a scheduled program. Viewers can watch your live stream in real-time or on playback, with a donation link embedded into your video. They can interact through the comment section and participate in your event by sending in questions and messages through social media. Your live stream event can also attract the attention of people outside of your personal network, with viewers being able to see your donation progress in real-time.

The global online fundraising industry is estimated to hit $114 billion this year. You have the potential to smash your fundraising goal and raise awareness for your campaign through the power of social media and online platforms. These six methods are the most popular ways of hosting a successful digital fundraiser. Don’t forget the importance of marketing your fundraiser – whether you’re a charity or a private individual. With a little hard work, you might be able to double your initial goal!

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