Candidate Review of Hiring Lavonda Baldwin as Executive Director

Candidate Review – LaVonda Baldwin

As an executive who recently secured a position at a non-profit organization, I cannot speak highly enough of Mariya and the Charity Search Group, the recruiting agency that was hired by my new employer. From the very beginning of the process, Mariya demonstrated a deep understanding of our organization’s needs, mission, and values, and was able to identify and connect with me as a candidate who shared these priorities.

Mariya was consistently professional, courteous, and prompt in her communication with me, providing me with all the information I needed to prepare for my interviews and negotiate my compensation package. She also took the time to learn about my skills, experience, and career aspirations, which allowed her to make a more informed decision about recommending me for the position.

Throughout the process, I felt like the Charity Search Group was invested in the success of both myself and the non-profit organization. Mariya was responsive to any questions or concerns that arose, and demonstrated a deep commitment to finding the right match for both parties.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the help of Mariya & the Charity Search Group and believe that their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to finding the right match make them an invaluable partner in the job search process for non-profit organizations. Their ability to identify candidates who align with the mission and values of an organization is truly remarkable, and I would highly recommend them to any non-profit seeking to hire talented and dedicated executives. Thank you, Mariya & Charity Search Group, for all that you do!

– LaVonda Baldwin, Executive Director, Oasis for Girls

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