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Tips To Securing Major Gifts And Sponsorships

There is no way around it, as a nonprofit, a large portion of your annual revenue comes from securing major gifts and sponsorships. Each donation type, while vastly different, allows your organization to grow, meet goals, and thrive. However, as necessary as both are, obtaining these donations year after year can be a lot easier said than done.

Luckily, with our extensive background in fundraising and recruiting, Charity Search Group is here to help you with a few vital tips that will ultimately lead to more impactful donations as well as an improved implementation of process and strategy.

Tip 1: Identification

Here’s a two-part tip. Before even looking for donors you must identify your case for support. This case needs to include things about your organization, the problem you are trying to solve, and how you plan to create an impact.

The second part of the tip is identifying the right prospects. For major gifts, start with your current donor database, segment based on size and gift frequency, then begin to look outward for more philanthropists in extended networks. For sponsorships, it is ideal to start by looking outside of your database. Try to find new corporations and local businesses that may want to partake in your organization then segment based on size and audience demographic.

Tip 2: Engagement

This next tip is all about interacting with your potential as well as already secured major gifts and sponsorships.

If it is a new prospect, reach out to ask for an in-person meeting. When doing this, be sure to include personalization in your message, exact details, and impacts. Once the meeting is set and you agree on terms, engagement does not stop. You should offer frequent updates, volunteer opportunities, exclusive invites, and constant communication.

Tip 3: Acknowledgement

Finally, and most importantly, you can not forget to acknowledge the gift or sponsorship.

Be sure to express your gratitude by having a face-to-face meeting, writing notes, asking if they would like to be included in recognition announcements, stewardship, or in any committees.

Furthermore, it is always important to report back any impact of their participation in your organization. Always keep donors in the loop with personal details, encouragement, and information. This will lead to a greater chance of them coming back next year.

Build A Team Ready To Help You Implement Successful Gifting and Sponsorship Programs

With these tips, you are well on your way to gaining more major gifts and sponsorships. However, without the right team behind you, it could be impossible. Luckily, Charity Search Group can help you with that too.

As a leading recruitment firm focused on helping nonprofits fill both fundraising and management roles, with us, you can find employees that are ready and excited to run an amazing major gift and sponsorship program.

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