Vice President of Philanthropy, Community Foundation of Broward

Business Title: VP of Philanthropy

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, On-site

Reporting to: President / CEO

Job Type: Full-time Position (Exempt)



The Community Foundation of Broward provides community leadership, fosters bold philanthropy and builds permanent resources to tackle Broward’s biggest challenges – today and in the future. The mission is to transform Broward through focused leadership that fosters collaboration, builds endowment, advances equity and connects people who care, to causes that matter. Community Foundation of Broward does this by:

  • Partnering with individuals, families and local organizations to create personalized charitable funds that fuel game-changing philanthropy
  • As a grantmaking public charity, Community Foundation provides leadership and resources to support solutions that make Broward a better place to call home
  • Through the power of endowment, Community Foundation builds permanent resources for Broward to take care of itself today and in the future

The Role

The VP of Philanthropic Services serves on the senior management team and reports directly to the President/CEO.  This position is responsible for growing and supporting donors, fundholders, and partners.  This position represents excellence in philanthropy and donor stewardship, applying best practices, and serving as a resource for the community and the industry.  It requires leading an evolving and sophisticated development program that is best in class and opportunistic in its approach by adapting to changing market trends and embracing individual and personal level engagement with sophisticated use of technology and data analytics.   Working independently, leading others, engaging with partners outside the organization, elevating the profession, and serving as a valued team member; this position creates an indelible mark on the organization.



  • Lead Strategy for Asset Development 
  • Ensure Meaningful Donor Engagement and Stewardship
  • Administer Professional Advisors Network and Provide Expertise with Complex and Planned Gifts
  • Manage Team and General Organizational Responsibilities
  • Community Engagement and External Leadership

Lead Strategy for Asset Development 

  • Annually grow the assets of the Foundation as a value-added, consultative partner by creating and implementing targeted, effective prospect identification, cultivation, and solicitation strategies for both current and potential donors and partners 
  • Increase referrals from current fundholders through high satisfaction with our philanthropy services by deploying a continuum of touchpoints beginning with onboarding, annual philanthropy audits, and programs on best practice philanthropy 
  • Expand the Foundation’s impact and leverage the Foundation’s investment by serving as a convener and catalyst to increase collaborations and partners in Foundation work from public, private, and civic sectors and other grant makers; building relationships and partnerships with local, regional, state, and national foundations and corporations to work on initiatives that are connected to collective impact
  • Achieve success by growing and diversifying support for special initiatives by creating fundraising strategies targeted at expanding support for our grantmaking framework and community leadership and by expanding funding by building relationships and partnerships with local, regional, state, and national foundations and corporations 
  • Support a strong relationship with private foundations by providing consistent and insightful information and engagement opportunities, specialized support and services, and opportunities for engagement and partnerships 
  • Grow the operating endowment of the Foundation by identifying believers in our work and initiating thoughtful solicitations for current and/or future gifts to endow our work


Ensure Meaningful Donor Engagement and Stewardship

  • Ensure donors feel appreciated and thanked by executing strong donor appreciation and recognition strategies appropriate for current and future giving and is not limited to meeting follow up, electronic messages, print materials, events/receptions, meetings, etc.  
  • Increase fundholders’ satisfaction with their philanthropy by ensuring all grant distributions honor donors’ intent per Fund agreements and advisements to charities and by crafting communications that demonstrate the difference their philanthropy is making to causes that matter
  • Develop services to support family philanthropy by embracing national approaches and strategies to wealth transfer, family giving dynamics, and other support services to ensure individual families have a strong connection to each other, to their philanthropy and to the support and services the foundation provides  
  • Engagement experiences for fundholders and prospects
  • Execute superior grant-making and stakeholder engagement for fundholders

Administer Professional Advisors Network and Provide Expertise with Complex and Planned Gifts

  • Increase referrals by professional advisors annually by building their competencies and comfort with philanthropy conversations, serving as their trusted resource on philanthropy solutions, and supporting their ability to help their clients; this requires using similar “top-down, inside-out” development strategies to prospect and cultivate advisors, providing expertise and insight to help PAC members serve their clients and address philanthropy in their work and practice 
  • Create more opportunities for philanthropy conversations by motivating and empowering our best constituents (board members, former board members, fundholders, advisors) to spark conversations that produce referrals and eventually gifts or estate plans
  • Build a growing future pipeline of estate gifts by ensuring estate planning discussions such as wills, trusts, gift annuities, etc. are part of the prospecting, cultivation, and solicitation program

Manage Team and Organizational Responsibilities

  • Utilize contemporary and dynamic technology tools including data analytics, development systems, research and moves management to support the department’s operations and management of staff and volunteer portfolios and to track and monitor progress
  • Invest in solutions that advance the Foundation’s agenda and increase donor-advised grantmaking annually by identifying important issues and connecting donors to the cause they care about and to community initiatives
  • Advance the Foundation’s mission by representing the Foundation positively and professionally in the community and at Foundation events; this includes serving on the community committees, attending special events, and convening leaders as it relates to the advancement of the initiatives
  • Influence organizational decision-making through data and trends analysis through information and reports that capture progress, outcomes, and effectiveness of strategies

Community Engagement and External Leadership

  • Grow a department that produces ever-increasing results by creating an organizational structure and work environment that allows individuals to achieve personal success and recognition for stellar performance
  • Institutionalize philanthropic services for consistency and quality control by documenting procedures, formalizing policies, and internalizing systems among all staff, maximizing database uses and services, instilling a team approach to donor cultivation and stewardship
  • Be a strong advocate and knowledge center for philanthropy, CFB, and the Foundation by internalizing and emulating the mission, vision, and values of CFB; knowing the history, accomplishments, programs, and direction of the foundation; staying abreast of trends in the community foundation field and serving as an expert in philanthropic trends and practices across the field
  • For Agency and Designated funds and their beneficiaries, build the organization’s approach to providing services and communications to ensure they are valued partners
  • Identify and engage constituents in our work by identifying the appropriate people, we can have deep engagement and buy-in from community leaders, fundholders, prospects, experts, and citizens to guide and advance our work via committees, advisory boards, ambassadors, or advocates of our work


The position is full-time with compensation commensurate to the skills level

CF of Broward has retained the services of Charity Search Group to coordinate the search for this position. To discuss your suitability for the role, please contact Mariya Yurukova ( or visit

CF of Broward is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to having a workforce that reflects diversity at all levels of the organization. We recognize the importance of not viewing individuals based on a single identity, and we thrive on being equitable in our recruitment process as well as in our efforts to be inclusive of all employees.

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