Director of Grants Management, The Loyola Foundation

The Loyola Foundation Inc. (LFI) is a family based Catholic Philanthropic organization focused on funding overseas Catholic missions. The LFI is seeking a motivated, creative, energetic, and skilled professional to serve in the role of Director for Grants Management (DGM). This role is key to guiding the LFI to achieve its charitable goals. At the LFI the Director of Grants Management manages all of the organization’s charitable giving through grants processing.

In order to efficiently process grant requests, inquiries, follow throughs, and updates the DGM must –

● Understand and manage internal LFI grant receipt, vetting, and presentation processes

● Be knowledgeable about grantees, and regulatory compliance

● Track allocated grants and relevant reports of previous grantees.

● Understand and know how to apply technology and databases to maintain and increase the efficiency of the LFI grants process

● Have excellent written and verbal communications skills to ensure quality and timeliness of all aspects of grants processing and management

In addition to managing the grant process the DGM is expected to –

● Work seamlessly with the LFI Director of Operations

● Produce timely and relevant LFI communication pieces such as press releases, website and social media content, annual reports, brochures, and/or newsletters.

● Assist with preparation of Trustee meeting books for bi-annual meetings by providing summary pages of each grant along with their perspective file

● Attend and assist with facilitating trustee meetings

● Assist with grant payments by providing all documentation needed to send wire transfers


The successful candidate will –

● Have a four year degree or demonstrate relevant equivalent professional experience

● Understand and appreciate philanthropy

● Be able to work independently with little supervision and show excellent self awareness by soliciting assistance when needed

● Have an understanding and respect for the Catholic Church

● Illustrate excellent communications and relationship development/maintenance skills

● Demonstrate an understanding and ability to act on strategic planning and implementation

● Understand the importance of developing and managing synergy across Foundation Committees in support of the LFI mission.


This is a full-time position, with a competitive salary, flexible hours and benefits. Evening and weekend work are required at least twice a year. Remote work candidates will be considered.

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Amanda McReynolds Doran

Senior Search Consultant

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